A gardener is any person involved in gardening, arguably the oldest occupation, from the hobbyist in a residential garden, the homeowner supplementing the family food with a small vegetable garden or orchard, to an employee in a plant nursery or the head gardener in a large estate.

Gardeners keep outdoor spaces healthy and beautiful. This position is ideal for people who enjoy being in nature, like learning about plants types, and have an eye for detail. Gardeners perform basic pruning and flowerbed cultivation. They mow lawns, pull weeds, and install landscapes. Gardeners work for a variety of employers including landscaping companies, horticulture design and installation firms, government agencies, universities, and tree nurseries. They are employed full or part time under the supervision of a crew leader and team. Gardeners operate in wet or humid conditions and varying temperatures. These outdoor lovers work hard and must be strong enough to perform a variety of physical activities during eight-hour days.


Maintain Lawns

Gardeners mow lawns and monitor the watering needs of the grounds under their care. They nurture lawns by weeding, aerating, and adding mulch where necessary. Gardeners trim lawn edges for neatness, remove lawn clippings, and clear other debris from the ground using rakes, brooms, and powered leaf blowers.

Prune Trees and Shrubs

Pruning trees and shrubs is an important task for gardeners. They use various tools to neatly shape bushes and trees to a desired design. By performing basic pruning and trimming, gardeners cultivate different types of plants such as annuals and perennials.

Monitor Plant Health Problems

Gardeners monitor tree and plant health problems. They grow plants of all sizes using seeds, seedlings, and plant cuttings. To maintain care for young plants, they prepare soil and planting beds. Additionally, gardeners perform pest control and manage weed control.

Apply Fertilizers and Weed-Control Agents

Gardeners encourage the right types of grasses and plants to grow on the land they manage. Applying liquid fertilizers and chemical control agents is another responsibility they take on. Weed removal is important to protect the attractiveness of the landscapes they work on.

Maintain Gardening Equipment and Tools

Preserving and maintaining gardening tools is a key responsibility of gardeners. On a typical day, they may change oil and replace filters on gasoline-powered mowers and trimmers. Before taking care of a property, a gardener often sharpens or replaces mower blades or changes sprinkler heads. An effective gardener keeps inventory of their tools and cleans them often.